April 8, 2012


continuing with the johnson love from yesterday, it would have taken all of my willpower (of which i have none) to not snag these beauties at last weekend's rummage. after grabbing a new design from kimberley, our chats with my rummage neighbour jules turned to talk of johnson. she'd spotted a stall over towards the bridge that was selling all sorts of j-love. a quick yelp to kim to look after my stall for 5 minutes and i was off on the search. it wasn't long before i'd found mecca and i was tinkering amongst all the beauty. this is when mel the stall holder, asked if i was indeed the face behind kit & nancy and with a quick nod and hello this blogging friendship had come full circle. mel, the beautiful face behind a nest of gentlefolk was the johnson dealer we'd been talking about. i ferreted through a stack of her stall buddy Lucy's dinner plates and oooed and ahhhed over new designs...one of which had been brought back from nz. incredible. after a good 15-20mins (sorry kim!) i returned to my stall with an armful of johnson and a smile that could have rivaled that of the cheshire cat. my pounding heart only reaffirmed that johnson is one of my truest of loves. i collect many things, but johnson just seems to pull a heart string in a way that no pastel melmac or 70's egg chair can do. i would almost say it rivals my love for vintage fabric. no thrifting has occurred this weekend but after the highs of rummage i've needed a bit of quiet time. i also have to keep reminding myself that my dollars are best spent on danish wallpaper samples in late june. oh the eye candy. as always when i've found treasure, i'm linking up with another johnson admirer, sophie. happy thrifting all!

orange and i'm in love.

a couple of new designs and a buddy to my lonesome rose mug.

a gorgeous floral pair courtesy of kimberley.

couldn't pass up this dollar dazzler.

and a haul is never complete without a floral pillowcase.

the beauty that crossed the ocean.

one of my favourite dinner plate designs.

as is this one.

in perfect condition, it was love at first sight.

not a huge fan of this design but it's cake plate size was too cute to pass up.

the delicate design from kim. so pretty.


Zara said...

Oh my gosh Laura, Johnson galore. the different designs go on and on, I wonder how many were made?
Love all your treasures as per usual :). x

Lucy said...

So lovely to meet you Laura! And even more happy that my carefully collected Johnson's treasures found a new home where they'll be loved. Hope I'll see you at the next rummage day!
Ps. That other pattern I mentioned that sold before you made it over is in one of Jule's instagram shots of our stall.

Lea said...

hah I laughed as I read this post Laura. I can just imagine you all loaded up with your treasures. Lots of designs I haven't seen before. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have such an eclectic mix of Johnson ware...so beautiful.

Lisa Jay said...

It's all so lovely! I love the floral pillow case.

NowSoLA Vintage said...

I just adore this mix of beautiful patterns & designs! Lovely!!!
Cheers ~ Lara