April 7, 2012


i've been meaning to write this post for so long now but with housewarming parties (there was only one but it was a fabulous one!), parents visiting from the us of a and my odd working hours...it's taken till now to get some thank you's and love for johnson onto the blog. as you know, i'm a huge fan of johnson ware, the true blue aussie stuff (still love you johnson bros) which is an obsession i hold close to my heart with my undying love for staffordshire potteries, which i have collected for many years due to their incredible floral patterns. well, a few weeks ago now (could be months, i'm terrible with dates), i began admiring the road trip photos of a few instagram girlies and their incredible johnson finds. one find in particular, a johnson teapot. also known in my world as the piece de resistance. the holy grail, what i dream about, on the opshop list...you get the idea. well, lovely tammi aka @littlepoppa snagged one of those beauties on the road and i revealed just how much i adored it and how in all my opshopping days (and there's been A LOT) that i had never come across one. a few weeks later and tammi posted some of her weekend finds..and low and behold, there was another johnson teapot! whilst explaining again just how lucky she'd been (amidst squeals and disbelief) she enlightened me to the fact that this one was indeed mine. MINE?! MIIIIINNNNNEEEE!!!! oh dear, i still get so excited telling you this story, as i did telling everyone that would listen. oh the kindness! could this woman be any sweeter? well, the week before last, a box of johnson arrived on my doorstep. oh that's right ladies, a teapot AND two teacups with the matching design and their saucers. i was beside myself...just ask my mum and sister who were in the car with me....that's right, i opened it in the back of the car and even managed to snap an excited photo. i'll also take this opportunity to mention tammi's two partners in crime, em of @mynameisem and rach of @sundaypeach, two beauties whose instagram feeds and love for the johnson inspire me daily. i feel like we've built quite the little community on there and the love of johnson is overwhelming in the best way possible. i cannot forget my new favourite mel of @gentlefolk, who you may have seen mentioned on my last instagram shout out. mel's feed just drools beauty and this woman is also a johnson magnet. to my ultimate delight, she is also keener than mustard to share the j-love. the photos you may have seen of my latest johnson finds?....all from mel and her lovely friend lucy at the last rummage. we had some great chats and she just leaves me so inspired. thank you mel, you are a true treasure. like vintage sheets around these parts, johnson is becoming harder to come by, so when it is unearthed, you can imagine the delight. how about you jump onto instagram and check out these fabulous ladies...you'll only times that delight by a million...what's not to love about that? sending my biggest and best regards to my favourite johnson girls and tammi...keep an eye out for the postie, your kindness does not go unnoticed! xxxx

i hadn't even pulled it out of the box before i was busy snapping away.

the treasure inside.

finding a new johnson design is like christmas, 100 times over!

and when it's in amazing condition? perfection.

love you johnson!


polkadotpeticoat said...

Love love
Happy Easter!

Kate said...

That is the most gorgeous story.
Tammi is a gem.
I wondered if instagram would be capable of forming the tight knit communities that blogging has. I think my wonders have been answered.
Happy tea time lovely lady. xx

bridget anne said...

what an awesome treasure inside!

Trudyflorence said...

Love the Instagram communities!