May 14, 2012

the weekend that was.

it’s been one of those 'i’m on an emotional rollercoaster ride that i’d rather sit out’ kinda weekends. i was feeling torn in two directions with my roomie’s 30th promising fun social times on saturday night and then the idea of spending mother’s day with a mama not currently in the country on the sunday. as seen in my precious post, i spent saturday baking what can only be described as my biggest and best baking endeavour, ever. it all went marvelously to plan and i felt like i’d given birth to a rainbow baby, right there, on the dancefloor (some squeals but no pain thankfully!) ha. a fun night did indeed follow. sunday morning brought a headache and a favourite little lady’s 3rd birthday so the naughty shorts party dress, pink cardi and shoes to match were on (and paracetamol/mug of tea quickly consumed) and i was ready for a morning of pass the parcel, pink cupcake eating and hanging with my mini bff in the glorious sunshine. spending time with my yummy mummy friends was exactly what i needed on my minus mama company mothering sunday. my silly sad face soon crept in so a trip to a yet undiscovered antique store seemed to be the only remedy. an hour’s wander, a couple of treats and a skype date with mum later and i seemed to be back on track. the week ahead promises some dinner dates with favourites and sees me beginning my artwork for an early september exhibition. the focus will be good for me as europe begins to creep ever closer. the long overdue encounter with my nearest and dearest seems to be fuelling this emotional ride as of late, so it’s head down and smile on for the lead up to what i know will be the highlight of my year. i'm remembering today just how fortunate my life is (complete with an amazing mama, however far away) and how i cannot be anything but grateful right now…the photos below only remind me of that.

saturday with my mini best friend. love her.

playing with fabrics at the antiques centre.

our little housemate for the weekend. the cuteness levels were out of this world.

the birthday girl and the biggest slice of cake, ever.

interior view. i apologise for the lack of light, but you get the idea.

a johnson find wearing my favourite design.

a retro floral fabric trivet find.

a retro mag with THE best pics of a 60's home.


jody said...

that cake looks amazing, and how cute is your mini bff! x

Bungalowgirl said...

What a whirlwind of a weekend! The cake looks superb. Miss Liongirl has not seen this type of cake yet, bet she would be torn though if she did- the rainbow or the princess castle? Have a great week. melx

Liz said...

That is some cake! Magazine looks interesting!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

naughty shorts! said...

hi my lovely - my mumma was absent too. But my small must have known that she had to be especially nice so I felt very full of love. Sounds like a gorgeous weekend, despite what was going on inside your heart. Sending you much love. Bec x

Trudy Florence said...

Mothers Day is always hard when we are away from our Mama's. I hope you had a lovely weekend, can't wait to hear all about the party and that cake is beyond impressive!
Love your face. xxx

Rachel said...

LOVE the trivet: so fabulously floral!

Zara said...

Look at the size of the slice of rainbow cake. Job well done to you Laura for creating such a masterpiece.
The sweetest sugar bowl right there. x

Tea for Evie said...

i was thinking of all of you girls and your fabulous mum this weekend, all apart doing your own amazing things. glad you had a full and (mostly) happy weekend x the cake is fantastic! much love x

dear olive said...

What a cake! Kellie xx