May 27, 2012


a bit of brownie baking, vintage sheet collecting, opshopping bargains, sleepover fun and breakfasting at a favourite cafe definately makes for a wonderful weekend. the rain clouds passed late friday night and brisbane woke to a super crisp saturday morning. the remedy? bake. tomorrow i'll post the recipe for perhaps one of the most delicious brownie recipes i've ever attempted. some unsettling news that my nan isn't at her best meant a girly evening and a home cooked meal by two of my lovelies was much needed. snuggled under a crocheted blanket cuddling a bowl of latte during breakfast at apples this morning was the perfect lead up to an afternoon of curbside collecting. i've never laughed so hard whilst being sandwiched in the back seat between a giant lampshade, 2 large crates, a retro office chair and a ladder that will soon become the bearer of my favourite fabrics. it was my first official curbside adventure and it has me hooked. i plan on getting stuck into painting the crate and ladder next weekend after a bunnings visit for some paint of the turquoise/peach variety. i'm off to write some love letters and put the kettle on, again. fortunately, i have some brownie leftovers so my tea won't be too lonely on this cold queensland evening. have a great week lovely folk. back tomorrow with that promised recipe.

getting my bake on.

some lovely florals from a lovely lady.

plates at the oppy weren't priced higher than a dollar, i sniffed these babies out immediately.

a turquoise sleeve caught my eye amongst the racks of clothes. perfection was uncovered.

more bargains of the johnson, japanese and german variety.

the cutest little corduroy number.

some brown florals thrown into the mix.

big mug'o'latte this morning.

sunny sunday behaviour fossicking in the local salvage yard.

the best kind.

a curbside find.


humble habit said...

I love those 3 plain plates, pretty colours.
I have done so much kerbside rummaging lately that I had to stop myself, too many finds to fit in my house. It's the best kind of thrifting because it's free.

Hannah (lost in wishful thinking) said...

Oh dear, best wishes for your nan.
Love the first set of saucers -especially the floral ones, and such great roadside finds! Whenever it is happening on my side of Brissy, there never seems to be anything good!

Laurie said...

Nice finds!

Trudie said...

I now want brownie at its just one 6am.
Lovely finds honey.
I am totally smitten with elephant knit and the corduroy dress.
I must oust a pick of the knit a scored Little V on the weekend.

Christina Lowry said...

Lots of loveliness indeed. Particularly that little jumper and your baking in the above post too. All the best to your Nan. Hope you get some good news soon.

melania said...

Such a lovely weekend for all of the above. Oh the fun to be had at the kerbside. I love it. Memories of holding my old housemates baby while she unscrews pretty mirrors from old dressers has me giggling.

I keep meaning to comment on the fact that you had a Kombi!!! Oooohhh, that would've been amazing. Can you get one again, please?

Also thinking of your Nan and hoping that all is ok soon.


The Joyful Thrifter said...

oh such lovely finds!!

The Joyful Thrifter

JoKnows said...

I bought some lawn chairs similar to your curbside find. My husband called them hideous, but my blogger friends have been liking them! :) Come see them if you get a chance. Your blog is lovely. Mine was also inspired by my grandmother. Now following you!

Linda said...

the cutest jumper ever!

Liv Lundelius said...

Amazing pictures! This blog is full of great inspiration.