August 6, 2012

benday sunday.

i interrupt my regular europe broadcasting with a little slice of the weekend just gone. there was some coasting, vintage café visiting, beaching, lichtensteining and rummaging. the weekend always seems to go so fast, but i guess my to do list just keeps on getting longer. i’ve made a conscious effort since returning from europe to make my weekends a little less busy, a little more lazy and a little less expensive. much to my delight, it’s been working in my favour. the weather has been delightful, crispy in the early mornings but warm and delicious by around lunch time. my cold loving british blood so enjoys this time of year. one of the highlights of my weekend was going to see lichtenstein’s pop remix exhibition at the qut art museum. my lichtenstein love affair began back in high school and has been going steady ever since. dressed in my polkadot dress as an ode to the benday dot, my beautiful friend and i set off for a couple of hours of art time. working in a gallery 5 days a week still doesn’t take the shine off spending my free time wandering around an art space, especially if it involves a little extra lichtenstein love. as soon as the warm glow of the perfect peach feature wall hit my face, it was like i was that 17 year old again, discovering lichtenstein in the 9000 page art encyclopedia for the very first time. the selection of screenprints, brass reliefs and lithographs were hands down the most inspiring collection of his works i have ever seen. i’ve fallen in love with his acrylic canvases in nyc, london and san francisco before now, but never has my heart been so big or have i wanted to go home, whip out my pastel acrylics/silver leaf supplies and get creating. the variety of subject matter was equally as impressive and i now have a cemented respect for the national gallery of australia’s curatorial department. my $20 catalogue purchase will provide me with priceless hours of inspiration as I relive one of the most beautiful showcases of art that i have ever had the priveledge of seeing. a big call for an art lover but my large swelling heart cannot provide any other explanation. if you’re in brisbane before the end august, i suggest you take a peek. with free admission too, there’s really no excuse.

love this place. #vintageespresso

delicious decor.

heaven on earth.


beach babes.


british love at rummage.

love at first sight.


dutch love.


Trudy Florence said...

beautiful Lau. That day at the beach looks sooo nice! I'm missing those warm winter days. Love the Dutch love of course. xx

Bungalowgirl said...

Oooh thanks for sharing the exhibition Laura, will try and pop in with the kids on the weekend, Roboboy will love all that colour. I missed rummage, to busy digging up carpet in my backyard! Hopefully, next month. melx

Lisa Jay said...

Such pretty images. Love the kitchen in the first one.