August 19, 2012


reframe [riːˈfreɪm] verb (tr)
to look at, present, or think of (beliefs, ideas, relationships, etc.) in a new or different way.

there's been a lot of decision making and reframing of life ideals and dreams as of late, and i've honestly never felt happier. decluttering my vintage collections, slowing the opshopping adventures right down and really embracing the positive feelings that are coming from this change of behaviour. although it has taken me a while to get my artmaking mojo back on track, i can safely say that it's made an appearance and just in the nick of time. i am excited to be sharing a subject matter close to my heart and looking deeper into it's importance within my daily life. 'reframed' is bringing together a diverse range of brisbane based artists in an annual exhibition, held this year at white canvas gallery. opening night is in a mere two weeks time, so it's all hands and needlework on deck to get my pieces completed. it's a beautiful thing being able to conceive an idea and see it develop into a work of art but it's even more amazing when your creative journey is supported by a talented group of artists. these artists, are my fellow colleagues and i couldn't be more excited about joining them again this year. the exhibition title is also a very poignant reminder of this exciting time in my life, learning to love the process as i go. if you're around town between aug 31 - sept 11, go and have a peek at reframed at white canvas gallery, fortitude valley, i'm proud to be able to say, it's going to be incredible.

reframing my latest inspirations.

my current motto.

soon to be appearing as part of my installation in the reframed show.


Zara said...

Go you.
My crafting/sewing has been a bit lacking of late, with full time work not helping the matter; but the sewing machine has been getting a bit of a workout these last couple of days and i'm really enjoying the creative process.
Good luck with your works.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Things will go from strength to strength for you I'm sure! Ada :)