October 6, 2012

baby blue.

it really is no secret that i'm a sucker for babies, vintage baby clothes or the idea of having a couple of my own one day. however, i've always been team girls. having grown up in a family of them, that's easily explained. but over the past year or so i've been overwhelmed with the baby boy love. two of my favourite gallery girls have created two of the most handsome little men i have ever come across and another favourite is cooking up another as we speak. it has been a real blessing to follow these incredible women through their pregnancies and to share in the ups and downs for the most part of the last year or so. it was a beautiful affair yesterday when those ladies, some other favourites and i came together at work to celebrate the impending birth of a new bubba boy. even though we were restricted by a work timeline, we made sure the sugar levels were kept pumping continually throughout the day. blue velvet cupcakes were made and enjoyed whilst leaving a long lasting blue stain upon any lips they touched. cookies and cream blondie jampacked with oreos were served up for the oreo loving mama-to-be and home made scones with lashings (serious lashings) of jam and cream were indulged upon. this all happened before 10am so a gang of sugar hungry gallery kids were on the rampage from the get go. although there'll be no baby making by me anytime soon, i can honestly sit here and say that i have never been so inspired and grateful for the amazing mamas that surround me. not only balancing their friendships so beautifully but the lives of their children that will only enrich the lives of others for years to come. the journey of motherhood is an amazing one, one that i never tire of seeing first hand. 


sky-blu-pink said...

Those blue velvet cakes look amazing! Must try them.

natalie said...

Beautiful, as always. Baby blue is my favourite flavour just now ;)

cat said...

It is late at night and this post has made me super hungry, in a good way.x