September 23, 2012


we holiday in the spaces of our home. one of my favourite lines from a kylie johnson poem. my home has always been so important to me. whether it's lying in a bed under a mountain of vintage floral for longer than expected on a sunday morning, baking up some gluten free treats, catching up with my dearest over tea/skype or rearranging my newly discovered's the simple happenings occurring within the walls of my home that make me happy. i spent today with my beautiful sister, just hanging out and baking, chatting, instagramming and sorting through my treasure. we ate too many friands and chatted the day away. soon i'll be looking for a new home, exactly when and where is still undecided. i often wonder where my heart will want to reside. does it even have to decide just yet? for now i'm hoping i'll be reincarnated as a dahlia, adoring my latest $9.50 opshop purchases, dreaming of time in holland and paris, baking up new treats, seeing deers in clouds, finding super cute baby clothes and slowly welcoming summer into my home. 


Candy Pop said...

Stunning photos - you have such a great eye! :)

Zara said...

deer cloud how sweet.
You sound to have had a lovely time with your sis.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can so totally relate. I am a homebody at heart and enjoy nothing more than spending time at home with loved ones :)
Nice little finds there too, however are you going to decide what to keep and what to take with you?

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

hey lady cake- i love that quote too! It's perfect given taht we have no budget for travel right now.

oooh these vintage baby clothes- your stash must be AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!

xo em

Outdoor Furniture said...

The pictures are all nice.

Hello Vintage said...

How cute are those Care Bear pants. Gorgeous pics as always. :)