September 15, 2012

life lately.

life lately, or as i like to describe excuse to show you pretty pictures and a couple of my latest oppy finds. it's one of my favourite things to blog about as there's no real direction and i can go off on a million different tangents and yet come together at the end with some sort of unified message. pretty much my life story. i'm tucking into a freshly baked friand as we speak, an impulse saturday afternoon bake off that has turned out deliciously well. they're one of my favourite things to bake, no icing, gluten free and very little sugar. i'll take the remaining 10 or so down to the coast tomorrow where i'll spend the afternoon sushi'ing, beaching and afternoon teaing with two of my favourites. i've got london on my mind and i'm feeling more motivated than usual. i'm adorning my $96 stretchy pants and walking home from work, infact, walking everywhere i can and loving it. i'm grabbing this burst of energy with both hands and am waiting with great anticipation for rachel castle's screenprinting class in late october. here i was complaining about the days crawling by and now i can barely work out what month we're in. it's the season of family birthdays and before i know it, i'll be whipping up yorkshire puddings to michael buble's christmas carols. the days are warm and at a perfect temperature, unlike what is expected come christmas. i've taken a vow to enjoy this last aussie summer, for i have been warned that i'll need some summer sunshine to cling on to whilst dressed to the nines in 17 layers and cradling a hot chocolate the size of my head. i tried on my winter coat the other day, it hasn't seen the light of day for a year and even though i was sweating at the time, i couldn't contain my excitement imagining it teamed with cute boots, skinny jeans and a floral scarf. of course not everyday will be that cute, i can see my trackies becoming a staple and socks? i hate socks...but i'm sure they'll soon become my best friend. i've lost count of how many tangents i've taken you on, but here we are, coming to a close and the message for this week? life is too unpredictable and short to not be lived exactly as you please. love your most important people and tell them so, as often as possible. love and friands for the week ahead.

spring and strawberries, my current favourite combo.

vintage floral treats picked up at the oppy today. delicious.

rifle paper co products never cease to inspire me. this one will house all of my textile design inspirations.

culling my beautiful crockery collection to make life lighter for the move. these babies made the cut of course.

the perfect kind of mail from my mama. she knows me too well.

walking through my neighbourhood this morning, stopping every 10 mins to snap my local delights.

falling deeper and deeper in love with my galleries. portrait of spain is rocking everyone's socks off at the moment.


Bungalowgirl said...

So glad you are totally in the moment with the most glorious spring weather ever. mel x

Katyha said...

ahh your life sounds pretty good, I'd love to spend my weekend baking but with uni baking has gone out the window the kids and the husband are going through withdrawals haha.

Enjoy yourself tomorrow ;)

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I'm with you! Grab the opportunities! Ada :)

sky-blu-pink said...

Oh loving that floral linen!

Hannah (lost in wishful thinking) said...

We have been having the best walking weather haven't we! I haven't had a car for the past two months -but I definitely haven't minded my walks to the train/bus most days.
This site might make you feel better about socks :)
So many cute pairs!

Zara said...

I'm yet to try baking friands, they do sound oh so delicious.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful message and one I agree wholeheartedly with.
I don't envy you trying to cull your treasures but then I imagine there are many wonderful goodies awaiting you in the flea markets and op shops afar :)
Could you possibly share the friend recipe...pretty please.