October 28, 2012


this week has been a real humdinger. it started with me booking a one way ticket, here i was thinking it didn't really get much better than that...oh, until it kinda did. wednesday night saw a favourite girly/fellow interior styling lover and i hit up camargue on james street for megan morton's book launch. a few/five glasses of champagne, some blondie indulging and book perusing later and the place was swinging. any nerves had simply been washed away (along with any inhibitions, by the champagne no doubt) and i was ready to let megan know just how excited i was about rachel castle's class that would send my creative juices into overdrive. i was met with a huge smile, an education into how rachel's class will change my life (i may just f**king cry - a direct quote), introduced to others taking part in the class and then our conversation completed with a high five when i divulged that i was already 10 pages into an inspirational journal made entirely for the benefit of the class. as i stood amongst the likes of megan, anna spiro and lydia pearson (looking as gorgeous as ever), i knew i had made the right decision to invest my dollars in a class at 'the school'. tomorrow sees me screen printing with textile master rachel castle and after my reaction to meeting megan, i can forsee the adreneline as i make my way to anna spiro's shop running at an all time high. (and please prepare yourselves for an influx of IG pics!) on thursday morning, after an incredibly inspiring evening, i sent a letter of resignation to my supervisor. 4 incredible years spent at the gallery that have helped shape the woman/art lover/friend i am today. a clean break needed in order to allow me to completely immerse myself in european life. i have already begun to look back upon the amazing experiences had inside those walls with only the fondest of memories. those included are watching (and mustering up the courage to say hello to) yoshitomo nara from arms length build his mobile studio for apt 6, listening to andy goldsworthy who was standing only metres away, speak of sunshine coast installation plans to catching a  glimpse of ron mueck vacuuming up any remaining dust particles from his giant baby sculpture...utterly mindblowing. i will be forever grateful for a job that has allowed my heart to become so big, meet so many incredible people and inspiration that keeps my mind happy on a daily basis. 

megan hits the nail on the head.

wining and dining MM style.

there's no party without confetti and streamers.

received a heart in the mail. perfection.

feeling brave and sparkly this week.

overtime aka research time.

perfect end to the week. a visit to kylie's new shop in ashgrove. 

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Zara said...

Oh my Laura.. It's all happening and i'm so happy for you.
This class sounds like an a dream- you'll have a ball.