October 20, 2012

my heart.

my heart is a champion wanderer. it's not too frivolous or flirty but definately has it's favourite places where it prefers to spend it's time. for the past almost 3 years it has regained it's independence, lent itself to my job and my love for vintage and allowed me to be continually inspired by what life has to offer me. since returning from europe in july, my heart has been working harder than ever before. i have never felt so alive and so sure of where i will be heading next. tonight i booked a one way ticket to london. on february 20th i make my way to london for a week, see my best friend and family, test the job waters and then follow my heart to rotterdam. who would have known that this would be what my life had in store for me? i have no concrete plans, but with some dollars in my pocket, a thirst for letting my creative side run wild and a heart bursting with love, i can do nothing but go with all my heart. i at least owe it that. 

nara love.

pattern love.

goma love.

floral love.

bike love.

new hangout love.

shoe love.

neighbourhood love.


sky-blu-pink said...

Wow! I wish you well on your brave adventure!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you beautiful adventures with that sweet heart of yours.

Zara said...

So many exciting times ahead for you.
It must be a bit of a struggle with op-shopping and not being able to take all your treasures with you. I know I'm not looking forward to packing all my thrifted finds when we move early next year and it's only a relocation within the same state.

look see said...

Incredibly exciting! I can't wait to hear about your adventures! :)

naughty shorts! said...

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You are all heart my lady :) so excited for you xx