December 4, 2012

we holiday in the spaces of our home.

as i dust off my laptop keyboard and log into blogger, i notice it really has been some time inbetween my posting. my poor laptop has been weighed down with new seasons of new girl and the walking dead and after a week without internet, some crazy storm behaviour and a little visit to funky town, i really wasn’t keen to share my mundane happenings with the bright and beautiful blog world. instagram has been on fire in the past few days however, capturing a delicious saturday spent with two of my favourite creatives, seen me baking up a gingerbread scented storm and eagerly awaiting five days of family fun which starts THIS friday. i’ve been craving some family time after a few weeks of 8 hour sewing sessions and overtime action at the gallery and becoming overly impatient from this whole waiting to move overseas game. i’ve missed checking in with you all, so i promise to get back into it once the new exhibition opens and things begin to settle on the lead up to christmas. i won’t be having any time off over the holiday period as my  family will be spread across the world again and the overtime dollars are needed to fund the planned  frivolous flea market jaunts that are getting me out of bed of a morning. well, that and the fact that temperatures are soaring and we have officially welcomed summer to queensland. more christmas baking is planned for the coming weeks, including rocky road and some more of the terribly addictive gingerbread whoopies. not only are they the cutest looking treat (i describe them as a cupcake sandwich for goodness sake!), their spicy aroma and treacle toned appearance is enough to bring any savoury favouring soul to their feet. packing has also been keeping me busy and i am now officially onto my 600th kilometre of bubblewrap. the packing process has been going swimmingly and only a few pangs of sadness have surfaced. luckily there is enough space in my parent’s storage unit for my 15 or so crockery and fabric filled boxes, a 70’s egg chair and a few pieces of my grandparent’s furniture....but everything else? sold or donated. it’s been an incredibly uplifting experience letting go of so much ‘stuff’ and i have never felt so sure about something in my life.  5 months on and i am still beyond excited about the adventures that lay ahead. i’ll leave you with a bit of instagram love for this balmy tropical tuesday. keep cool friends.

two of my favourite girls flaunting their amazingness.

flowers by above favourite.

my sister working her magic in the afternoon sun.

sunday leftovers.

the time has come to pack these babies away.

they're great for packing too!

some dutch treat love from the boy. 

my belly is smiling.

a sweltering day topped off with a beautiful sunset.


Bungalowgirl said...

So nice to see you again, I have very much missed your posts as they are always soooo pretty. Sad to see your pretties being packed away but what a delight it will be to arrive home to them in a few years time.I have been doing the same with all my milk glass as we try to get some stuff put away before the renos start. I am so hopeless and disorganised that I think I completely forgot to reply to your suggestion to meet up at some time- would love to and if you have any wallpaper or sheets you are keen to sell still just let me know. mel x

Candy Pop said...

Your photographs are completely adorable!

Trudy Florence said...

Love that photo of Katie and those treats are perfect! Packing partners we are. It's a funny process isn't it. Even my Dad was convincing me today to not get rid of too much because it is all memories. Damn sentimental foolery! Love you. xxx

Lucy said...

Wasn't that sunset amazing! Did you see the gorgeous pink loopy clouds too? Like calligraphy in the sky. I squealed when I went outside - I wanted to get the neighbours out to see it. Nice to see you posting again!

renvintage said...

You came back! :)

I remember that process of packing for London all too well. One tip: bring more than you think you'll want. I really wish I had sent over a couple of boxes when I left - instead I'm 12,000 miles away from vintage dresses that I want to wear to weddings, 1970s boots that aren't broken like the ones I bought for cheap cheap here, and bits of jewellery that would have taken up no room at all. I wasn't very organised though! Hope it all goes well :)

renvintage / Lydia

dear molly said...

Please, please, please instagram you flea market jaunts :) I doubt I'll ever get there myself so will have to live vicariously through you.
Ah, walking dead..another avid watcher here too.

b and e said...

goodness your pictures are lovely!
I recognise some fabrics from my mothers house hehe.