December 28, 2012

'tis the season.

blogging mojo...where art thou? are you supressed by the past few weeks of fabulous family time, packed away in boxes for storage, buried beneath the copious amounts of christmas food I managed to bake up for one person (me) or are you thinking that instagramming is enough social interaction for you right now? whatever the reason, it’s not good enough...poor form...slack, so i’m back. christmas day has come and gone, I’m back at work earning double time dollars and there are only 53 days of my australian life left on the countdown clock. i had a wonderful precious few days with my parents, have been busy baking up a storm (lots and lots of whoopie pies) and slowly getting back into my exercise regime (thanks lorna) to balance all of this over indulgence out. i spent the most beautifully blissed out weekend down in northern nsw with one of my besties last weekend, wandering the main street of bangalow, popping in to heath’s treasure trove and falling head over heels in love with the lazybones store. i’ve been busy snapping away on ig and savouring some beautiful beach time down at coolangatta. the best and only (i do believe) beach swim for the year. i’m a shocking aussie when it comes to actually getting my bathered body in the ocean. i sure made up for it on sunday with a little tanning (burning) behaviour going on inbetween ducking and diving through the crystal green waves down at greenmount. a walk up to point danger to take in the view and indulge in a caramel and macadamia icecream was icing on the weekend’s cake. i feel so relaxed and at home in those parts and look forward to returning/spending more time there in the future. christmas day was a little quiet this year, with my morning spent with a special friend and her delicious kids, playing picnics and dress ups all whilst devouring gf whoopie pies and dressing up beach barbie. i was home by midday and the turkey roast and extras were plated up by 3pm. christmas lunch for one was complemented by an afternoon in the air con watching movies and skyping my nearest and dearest. i am really excited about what 2013 has in store for me and i hope you’ll come along for the ride. i have a quiet weekend planned with some long overdue screen printing action and some ryan gosling movie watching. girl's gotta have her priorities right. wishing you all a very happy new year. i may be back before the new year starts with a little more love to share. until then... xxx

the candy cane encrusted delights.

spent christmas morning with this little lady, dressing up barbies and playing picnics. bliss.

the last of the presents.

what whoopie pie?

stopped by a favourite pop up shop whilst in northern nsw. delicious. 

hydrangeas at heath's.

lazybones had my heart racing.

christmas in bangalow.

one day i'll fill my home with heath's treasures.

favourite find.

one of coolangatta's beauties.

greenmount heaven.

beach babe.


Little foal (Sunae) said...

Crazy to think that you were in both places this week that I was in! Haha

Glad you had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Those candy cane delights look so yummy!

sky-blu-pink said...

Sounds like you had a great time over the festive season-you certainly managed to pack a lot in in a short space of time! Here's to an exciting 2013!

Zara said...

A lovely little Christmas for you lovely lady.
Whoopie pie baking sounds like fun.