December 31, 2012

the final batch.

it may have something to do with 2013 fast approaching, wanting to tie up loose ends or just doing something for the last time in 2012 but i have never had such a productive weekend. the weekend saw me sketching, tracing, cutting and screening my way to a small body of new work. i baked up my last batch of cupcakes this morning and proceeded to celebrate a little early by covering the kitchen entirely with edible confetti and gold glitter. looks pretty awesome if you ask me. couldn't be more excited about the year ahead and all of the creative possibilities that lie before me. i am planning a big cartel store, some market stall action and perhaps a little exhibition or two. all in my new home of rotterdam come march. why not dream big, live what you love and love what you do, isn't that the way? happy new year friends. see you next year! 

there's a party in my kitchen.

baked goods to bring in the new year.

currently gold glitter obsessed.

acrylic colours looking so delicious i could eat them.

a glittery number baked for the new year occasion. 

red velvet love.

i'll still call australia home. 

will leave a bit of my heart here. 


Raynor said...

I SUPER love your new screen prints, Lau! So fantastic. We don't chat as much as we used to, but I still think you're the legit actual best and I admire you heaps! Much love for 2013, and have an amazeballs new adventure! x

Trudy Florence said...

that red on the cake is perfect! You have got the shade just right. Love everything you have produced, you are such a clever little bug. Have an amazing New Years Eve and looking forward to everything that happens for you in 2013. Love you lots. xxx

Little Foal (Sunae) said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZING!

Zara said...

I think I need to try screen printing. Your colour selection is just perfect.
Wishing you a wonderful new year full of fun adventures and new experiences.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Hay New Adventures for 2013.... One door may close but others will open for you! Yummy photos as usual! :) x

Katie and Reuben said...

Those cupcakes and prints are all GLORIOUS! And well done on making such a productive end to your year! Wishing you much goodness for 2013 :)

Katie xx

sky-blu-pink said...

Great cakes! All the best for 2013; what an exciting year you have planned!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Love everything about this post x

look see said...

Just awesome! Happy New Year! :)

Bungalowgirl said...

Your screen prints are totally FABB-O. The map, my goodness I nearly fainted with delight. When are you opening a shop? or a cafe or something? And those little cups of paint with spoons look good enough to eat, you are a true artist of both icing and colour. Your plans sound wonderful and the countdown is on now, looking forward to catching up some time, the wallpaper pile is calling me! mel x

Anonymous said...

Fab cakes and pics !! Total inspiration.. and I can't wait to see what you do in 2013.

Oooh Betty said...

I am rather late with my commenting, just found your lovely blog.
I have been having a good read and just wanted to say what a nice place it is. I love a blog with a good mix and beautiful have both.
Emma x