January 9, 2013


last weekend was delicious. cue the jealousy because, hold.the.phone...i spent it with sophie, yuhuh, you heard me right.... 'her library adventures'. after realising we now lived only a hop, skip and a jump away from each other, it was time to reunite like the old blogging friends that we are. i've missed this girl, she's a real treat and our saturday morning spent wandering west end's market, art shed, coffee/book/op shops and discovering the cutest boutiques and new favourite read was swoon worthy. chatting into the evening about future plans, blogging goals and more thrifting adventures just assured me that this one is a keeper. after a super delicious saturday,  my sunday was spent in my makeshift axminster adorned studio screenprinting to my heart's content. 3 teapots and 3 cupcakes later, i'm officially besotted. a few of my prints are already on their way to new homes, i'm humbled. this weekend sees the screenprinting happening all over again, this time working on a couple of special projects for two very special people and a bit of eames lovin'. it's only 40 days until i'm off and although torn with conflicting emotions, i'm ready. i'm following my heart no matter the cost. no matter the cost. 

 a market find.

the couch at 'two trees'.

saturday's goodies.

baby pineapples mean only one thing...photo shoot!

sunday's colours.

poppin' the kettle on.

i'm in love.

a sweet treat.


Linda said...

your prints are fab!

MummaFox said...

I'd love a teapot for Tully's nursery are they for sale?

Bungalowgirl said...

Your prints are so so wonderful Laura. I second MummaFox, when are you going to sell some? mel x

Katie and Reuben said...

This pretty much sounds like my dream weekend! And you and Sophie are so cute with those pineapples, haha! I think one of your teapot prints might look very nice on the wall of my new kitchen... Are you selling them online?

Katie xxx