February 9, 2013

love affair.

well hello there strangers! hope this finds you well. time has completely escaped me. one minute it's 87 days and counting, now we're at only 11. crazy! i have 5 days of full time work left before me and saying goodbye to work friends at the end of the day is beginning to make me teary. i've spent nearly 4 and a half years at the gallery, met incredible people, artists, seen and been a part of activities that i would never have been privy to as a visitor. as mentioned in a previous post, i had the ultimate pleasure of meeting the likes of yoshitomo nara, andy goldsworthy, ron mueck and taking part in my very first performance art piece at goma alongside the fabulous parachute ladies. some days have been long and tiring, others i've felt like the days just aren't long enough. my time here has only reaffirmed that my heart lies deep within the art world, changing my perspectives on many global issues and inspiring my own art practice. i have fallen in love many times over, spent hours talking to patrons about art and many more hours chatting to my colleagues. i have never been so inspired by my surroundings and i will look back on my time at qagoma with only the fondest of memories. i am beyond excited about adventuring across the world and seeing what europe has to offer me, and the inspiration that awaits me behind the doors of the kunsthal, the tate and the prado. from the very first time i set foot inside goma, overwhelmed by the amazingness that was warhol, to watching mueck vacuum his giant baby sculpture, to hearing goldsworthy speak of new site specific works, to watching in awe the making of nara's mobile studio...my love for contemporary art has blossomed by the bucket load. this experience has gone beyond being just a job, it's a full blown love affair, my happy place...where i'll be leaving a little piece of my heart as i go.


E R I N said...

how amazing to have had those experiences...your already ahead of most!

onwards and upwards my friend!

safe travels :) xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you love and greatness in all your adventures. X

Zara said...

Time has just flown by.
my best wishes to you at this time of new places and faces.

Bungalowgirl said...

Gosh that has come around so fast. And we still haven't met up, hopefully there are a few minutes somewhere. mel x

Katyha said...

wishing you all the very best with all your plans, adventures and travels. Good luck! xx

reread said...

Good luck with your new adventures!