March 19, 2013


how do i begin to talk about a country where you eat chocolate sprinkles and cake for breakfast, orange is their national colour and bikes trump cars for transport of choice? if you’re not already in love with the idea of living in holland, then read on, it’ll take you 30 seconds to be converted, promise.  i have been dying to share the last two and a bit weeks with you, but you know, life with a boy in a beautiful country that is filled with vintage and baked-good love, windmills, history and art…just kinda got in the way. my new neighbourhood is completely charming, with post office, bakery, florist, bike shop and everything a girl could need. it only took me 5 days before i had found my dream bike (a mint green gem at the most incredible price), wandered the markets, unpacked my suitcase and spent a sunny spring day in amsterdam. my relocation to rotterdam has been super smooth and made all the better with a yummy dutchman in hand. i am on the constant look out for work possibilities which is balanced beautifully with the opportunity to visit every bakery in rotterdam. of course the work/play balance is still completely out of whack, with the play part taking precedence, but with a burning desire to get screenprinting again (i found art shop heaven and could not be more inspired right now), update my big cartel store and keep a more concrete online presence… i see a more regular day to day routine in the near future. it’s been amazing having the boy take time off work and i couldn’t picture myself being in better hands than his. a proud dutchman with an impeccable knowledge for his beautiful country, i fell hard and fast for rotterdam within days of being here.  with art galleries boasting the works of koons, kusama, magritte, rembrandt and rodin…it was sure to be love at first sight. european design (not to mention the fact that eames and pastoe is everywhere I look) has my heart at bursting point. a morning spent at the market proved fruitful today when i walked away with a bike basket load of vintage goodness for under 15 euros, the place is brimming with pre-loved treasure. as i ride the streets i feel as though i’m part of something much grander, like a nationwide bike club. bicycles on every corner, lamp post and bridge, it’s impossible not to be completely enchanted by the bike culture here. i’ve already discovered several favourite bakeries, bought my annual museum card, signed up for the local supermarket’s bonus card and learnt how to say dankjewel like a true dutchie. with post it notes attached to every appliance in the kitchen, i have begun to take the language learning a little more seriously. i have spent time with some beautiful people, drank beer in a church and eaten my way through some of holland’s finest food products.  i've learnt how to live with a cat (i’m a dog girl at heart) and in turn uncover a new appreciation (ok, love) for the feline variety. in conclusion, this city has me completely under her spell. 

dutch life.

serious bike business.

market blooms.

i found heaven in art shop form.

i'm on a bike! (and deer feeding)

art, bike and a swan (bridge)

bakery and vintage love.

why would you choose fruit or cereal for breakfast over this???

reunited with kusama at boijmans.

koons love.

so much vintage goodness at the local markets (post coming soon!)


Katyha said...

sounds like an amazing place. My fingers are crossed that you find a job soon but at the same time that continue to have an superb time discovering your new city too.

Gorgeous photos as always Laura xx

one denim bird said...

Thank you for sharing Laura! You have me hooked at every beautiful picture!

Trudy Florence said...

So glad you are loving it there, wish I could be there with you, I miss my city. We will be back soon I'm sure! love you. xx

handmade romance said...

i looks and sounds so wonderful, what an adventure! i will enjoy living vicariously through you as you explore and share this creatively abundant part of the world. i look forward to more screen printing too. enjoy x

Candy Pop said...

A gorgeous post, you write so beautifully and I love your passion for your new home.. Have fun! :) And when can I visit - ha ha !!

Amanda said...

Just wow! What an amazing start to your adventure! Here's to many exciting new discoveries to come!

naughty shorts! said...

Hello my lady!! So nice to see what you have been up to. It all sounds so wonderful!! Cant wait to her more and I am going to be shopping up in your big cartel shop, me thinks xx

sky-blu-pink said...

Sounds like you are having the best time! Proof, if you needed it,that you have so made the right decision!

Zara said...

You two look so happy. so in love.
Makes me smile.