April 15, 2013

amsterdam - round two.

one superbly sunny tuesday in march, i grabbed my delicious dutchman with one hand and some special deal rail tickets in the other and jumped on a train to amsterdam. you may or may not remember my story of the last time i was in amsterdam. yeah, it wasn't pleasant and i have been itching to return to rebuild my love for the city ever since. so with a fully charged iphone and a small list of places to go, we spent a beautiful day wandering de 9 straatjes, popping in and out of vintage shops, taking a few touristy pics, re-energising with friet & mayo and generally just loving being out and about in the sunshine. there is something utterly charming about amsterdam, her almost fairytale style house facades nestled up against the quaint canals are completely enchanting. there's a picture perfect opportunity at every turn. each bridge that you cross has numerous bicycles attached, the perfect addition to your view. incredible street art, hole in the wall clothes shops and vintage treasure that spilt out onto the street, were a few of the many charms that kept my creative soul and instagram feed very happy that day. strangely enough even after a few hours of vintage ferreting, i came away empty handed...perhaps even a little overwhelmed. the expensive but utterly beautiful vintage delights in laura dols, pattern & wallpaper heaven aka kitsch kitchen and the numerous pre-loved treasure troves i popped my head into had me wanting more. more time and more money to spend in the beautiful city of amsterdam. on a bit of a side note, i've already been in rotterdam for 6 weeks and i can honestly say that i have fallen hard and fast for her. she's the more modern and eclectic sister of amsterdam (thanks to the germans) and although sometimes a bit neglected by us foreigners when planning trips to holland, i really like having these two beauties in such close proximity to each other. this way i don't find myself longing to be in amsterdam every weekend but do appreciate the opportunity to venture back whenever i fancy. the new and incredibly improved rijksmuseum has myself, the boy and our museum-cards eager to return and then again soon after for a vintage fix with my paris based sister. holland is continuing to woo me, in all the best ways possible. 

hello beautiful.

the amazing laura dols.

my kinda vintage wallpaper stash.

picture perfect.

vintage fabric!!!!

my delicious partner in crime.

what more could you want?!


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Such lovely things.....I'd spend a small fortune! Far too many temptations there! :) x

Anonymous said...

You look as though you're living a magical artistic fairy tale.

sweetpea family said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun - just visited your online shop I love your prints x

Zara said...

looks like my kind of place. so picture purfect.