May 8, 2013


all my troubles seemed so faraway. it's true, they did. a blissful day that began with the boy and i gathering our good looking rides and setting off for a picnic lunch. the sun was high and the temps a beautiful change from the tempermental spring weather we've been experiencing lately. the cool breeze was a welcomed breather for our sun soaked skin (mine resembles a tin of beetroot, but doesn't sound as poetic) later in the day. we rode alongside the rotte snapping and admiring the little (and often extravagant) abodes that charmed me silly. we settled for lunch by the west of the zevenhuizerplas, a quiet and perfect setting for some lunching and sun-soaking behaviour. we then rode along the beachside strip of nesselande where we treated our rose tinted skin to an icecream treat. some perfect summer lovin' for early may. getting drunk on sunshine and softserve on this perfect day just reaffirms my love for spring, bike riding, the boy and this fair city. 

i could bike, all day, every day. (if my bum allowed it!)

the perfect company.

holland can't get any cuter. 

the good looking couple. 

charmed me. big time. 

dream house potential.

everything is cuter with a kombi.

the perfect end to a perfect day.


Katyha said...

it is so wonderful being able to see your adventures and your gorgeous photos! hope you continue to have many more wonderful and beautiful adventures :)

look see (naomi) said...

That all looks heavenly to me! :)