May 12, 2013


i can't believe it's almost been 3 months since i left australia. time has flown and i feel truly happy here in holland. it's now time for some resume writing for a little thing called the job hunt. i've been spending most days up to my eyeballs in pastel paint, cutting stencils and designing new prints. the time i've had to put into my printing has been a real gift. combined with bike riding, socialising with beautiful people, baking sweet treats, art gallery wandering and sun workshipping as of late, i've had the most inspiring three months. the weather has turned a little sad so the past few days spent in the studio amongst the pretty colours and beatles tunes have been so good for my creative soul. i am ready now more than ever to take a leap into a new  job environment, meet new people and learn new skills. i am excited about balancing creative time with a regular income and to save some money for future trips around europe with the boy. there is so much to look forward to. life has never looked so peachy. 


Zoƫ Power said...

So peachy and so pretty! I love seeing the world through your beautiful pastel shades and happy heart. Best of luck with the job hunting! xx

Zara said...

the colours are amazing. you creative lady.