May 12, 2013


oh boy, have i wanted to write this post for so long. but of course as more treasure accumulates i hold off for another week. as you may have seen on my ig feed, vintage is very reasonably priced here. sometimes too reasonable and it's a crime to walk away. i will warn you however, there are 20 odd photos in this post of treasure that might just bore...hang'll love it. i've discussed a few of my favourite places to find vintage treasure and as a general appreciater of most (ok, all) things that come with a little history, was made in the 70's or might have been something my grandmothers once owned, i tend to collect things. i did so quite successfully in australia and then ended up packing 98% of my belongings in storage and moving across the world. it wasn't THAT hard, i had a big heart yearning to be in europe and these treasures were kind of holding me back (albiet in a beautifully adorned vintage world)...but i had to let go. just a bit. so i came over with very little and knew, oh boy i knew, that it wouldn't be long until i was back in the hunting and collecting game. infact, i think it was 3 days into me being in the UK that i unearthed a boxed set of staffordshire mugs for  2 pounds. the opshopping urges that i had supressed for so many months attempting to save some sort of money for europe were delighted and had been let out of their mothball scented cage. it's only taken me a few weeks to set up my little creative world, merge design aesthetics with the boy and discover a new (and terribly strong) love for european design. i am still on the lookout for the notorious cathrineholm, so the many fleamarkets we've ventured to and the many more yet to come are where my thrifting wishes for such a find are kept. for now i'm suitably content with my 1 euro delights and like many of you know, it's most often the bargain finds that are enough to set one's heart on fire. 

my favourite find so far.

already being put to use with my baking ingredients.

this beauty for 1 euro will be a studio delight.

attracts a lot of attention at parties. display only.

the perfect picnic rug.

found this 1978 gem on the street. yuhuh, the street. 

cup cuties. 

1 euro of floral amazingness.

fleamarket tablecloth love.

german beauties and one of the above mentioned staffordshire gem.

unearthed a lovely lady's paris journal. so many gorgeous photographs and vintage goodies inside.

this barkcloth gem was accompanied by sheer delight as i took it to the counter. 

another gem from the paris journal.

some pillowcase delights.

it was love at first sight. 

a girl can never have too many canisters. all now filled with washi tape and rusk treats.

the boy and i seem to have a german pottery radar. 

the most perfect apple green hat box. (currently filled with fabrics)

no explanation needed.

german goodness and more tin delights.

instead of breakfast cake, this tin holds all of my drawing utenstils.

vintage contact, glass jelly mould and vintage trim all courtesy of my trip to london.

buy one for a euro and get one free, you bet. (soon to be wall mounted)

so it's a little faded but it was cheap, what's not to love?


Linda said...

I can't cope! SO MUCH LOVELINESS!!

Zoƫ Power said...

What amazing finds! You have such an eye for it :) I've really enjoyed following along on Instagram - your stream is always sooo pretty! xx

Nadia van der Mescht said...

Do you just have the best luck and eye in the world! Love all your finds and all your Instagrams! x

sky-blu-pink said...

Much to covet, but to choose just one, the owl tin -perfectly gorgeous!

Craig Lynch said...

I think I posted you a comment and signed up on blogger to do so. Would not do this just for anyone you know. Beautiful selection, you always had taste and class. Showing this to Kath when she wakes up.

Zara said...

Laura, i'm jealous. the colours, the florals- love it.

Katyha said...

the luckiest girl EVER!! :)

Lea said...

Wonderful treasures Laura. How wonderful to be exploring European puppies. The barkcloth is my fave.

Bungalowgirl said...

My god. Makes me want to ditch my kids and fly straight over for a flea market frenzy! That teapot is incredible and you do have such an amazing eye for spotting the goodies. Cannot wait to see some pics of your new digs with said goodies artistically strewn around. hint hint. mel x