May 15, 2013

modern loves.

the weather’s been a tad dreary around these parts and it looks to hang around for at least another week or so (as i write this the sun is beginning to shine her happy face.) i don’t always see that as a bad thing but an opportunity to get in some valuable gallery time. the boy thought likewise so we grabbed our pre-purchased train tickets, our museum cards and a heavily flavoured starbucks and made our way to amsterdam. the train is so accessible and can be reasonably priced when you get a good deal, i'm like a kid when i board the train, first in and a window seat secured. i so love hanging out with the boy. he watched me squeal as rows of coloured tulip fields rushed before my eyes and i attempted to snap photos amidst the dirty windows and power lines. this is only the third time i’ve been to amsterdam, but like i’ve said proudly before, rotterdam is my beloved new home and sometimes i neglect the small calling of her nearby big sister. both of them individually unique and charming in their own ways. i also like to shake it up everytime i go, no vintage shopping or nine streets wandering this time, but an incredibly inspiring art fix delivered perfectly by the newly renovated rijksmuseum and the awesome home of modern art, the stedelijk museum closeby. we had plans for van gogh, but as any art lover will know, you can never determine just how long you’ll spend looking at works, especially when there is a huge array of your favourites in such close proximity. the rijksmuseum was obviously busy, very busy.  at one point, after 4 shoulder nudges and pushes from impatient art onlookers, i was getting a little over it. did i mention that this was within 15 minutes of us stepping foot inside? an incredible collection and an even more impressive renovation process, the building is simply stunning. i was told that the number of visitors had jumped from 3000 to 10000 per day, a crazy thought that makes GOMA’s numbers seem pretty sweet. i saw some beautiful dutch history (including some never seen before rembrandts) but after a couple of hours i was ready for some time with my modern loves. the stedelijk was beautifully quiet, and as we wandered into each room, my heart would beat even faster. confronted with some rauschenberg, rothko, sherman, kelly, mondrian, matisse, de kooning, flavin and lewitt  and then topped off with some gispen and eames design, i was in heaven.   my favourite of the day? a perfectly pastelled de kooning inspired by his time on long island.  won my heart on first glance. as the day crept on and the temps dropped we sought refuge in the newly opened marks & spencer. anyone that knows me well (or follows me on ig) knows that i am a fiend for british food. i grew up with it and would choose a scotch egg over a cupcake anyday (well, maybe 70% of the time). so i grabbed a bag and filled it with treats that would make my nanny kit proud. custard creams, walnut whips, hot cross buns, mini pork pies and some scotch eggs were the chosen ones. i look forward to venturing back sooner rather than later, i can’t deny a vintage wander for too long. amsterdam, you were damp and dreary yesterday but in rain, hail or shine you’re a great city with some amazing art. as any true rotterdammer (or surrogate one) would say, you’ve graciously earnt your second place ranking. wink wink.  

pretty girl.

time to take my new pants and shoes out for the day. 

favourite. (de kooning)

i love art you can walk on. (carl andre)

a sol dewitt masterpiece and my love.

mondrian and his pastel love. 

stunning botanical gouaches at the rijksmuseum.

love a bit of (upside down) ellsworth kelly.

view from the train. 


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

That de Kooning! <3

I'm pretty much living vicariously through all your art gallery shots haha


Zara said...

you and your boy in matching blue and mustard = cute.