May 18, 2013

hello saturday.

saturdays around these parts are often spent sleeping-in (cat included), brunching instead of breakfasting and a bit of treasure hunting and yummy treat gathering at the local markets. with the rain easing this morning we took the opportunity to ride into the city for a wander. i had my pink papered to-do list, my winter coat on (in spring) and my boy in tow. the market visit is a common routine that i have enjoyed doing with him since i first arrived here. i practice my bad dutch asking the prices of vintage teapots, he finds the best deals on chillies and we often snack on the nuts and olives we've planned to eat as a pre-dinner snack. a whole variety of treasure can be found in one place and i've even met a stallholder that promises to keep an eye out for any suspected cathrineholm that may come her way. we had a good chat today about some beautiful pastel dutch dinnerware and i left feeling completely charmed by her knowledge of the pre-loved. i picked up a couple of cheap treats of my own and some incredibly beautiful hortensia. i initially had peonies in mind but the pastel pink of the hortensia petals had me bewitched from the get go. this afternoon saw me brownie baking, the boy preparing his famous chilli for dinner and then me again pushing pom poms in jars, putting finishing touches to painted blueberries and now settling back down to support our dutch pride in the eurovision. hello saturday.

a teapot find.

seriously? i'm in love. 

yeah, i know.

my favourite stall and her gorgeous compositions.

wish i was eating rather than painting them. (more taste research is needed)

 wouldn't be a saturday without a photoshoot.

earning brownie points with the brownie.

yes, that would be a regular sized teapot and an extra large russian enamel mug. perfect.

do i need to explain? #loveinajar


Bungalowgirl said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my Mothers day post Laura. My kids have reached ages where I am finally not sleep deprived so they are rating much higher in my estimation as well!
Your adventures sound glorious, you are obviously whooping it up over there. Now are are hortensia the same as hydrangeas to us? They look similar but I wasn't sure. Love your print by the way, when the budget allows I will be ordering but mid reno is not the time! mel x

Zara said...

a jar of pretty pom poms.. how sweet.
Your newest screen print design is lovely.

look see (naomi) said...

Love everything about this post! :)

Bake on Sunday said...

Love the teapot, you are finding so many good treasures x Happy Days