May 29, 2013


when you think of the netherlands, riding amongst the tulips whilst eating hagelslag on toast all the while dressed in orange spotting every windmill that goes by may come close and this isn’t too far off what i get up to around these parts. aside from my measly attempt to re-write my prehistoric resume, i’ve always been really good at balancing work and play. the past three months have been 100% play. i know, lucky doesn’t even come close. i thought i’d stop by to share what i’ve been up to lately. as the weather has been a little unreliable (hello european summer), there hasn’t been too much bike riding through fields of coloured wonderment but a couple of train trips, some vintage finds and an inspiring trip to ikea that have made this expat a happy little camper. but the good is often balanced with a little dose of sadness and a couple of weeks ago my family found out that our beautiful dog was very sick. residing in san francisco with my parents for the last two years (and loving every minute of it), his 10 years of life had last week, come to an abrupt end. it seems like just yesterday we picked him up as a 6 month old pup from the rspca. from the moment he stepped foot inside our home to begin his new life with us, he has enriched every minute of it.  i would like to take this opportunity to thank the many of you that shared their supportive comments on instagram when it was hard for me to find the words. there’s nothing like puppy love, and i am a better person for having shared my life with him. i have a few (20!) new designs underway for new screenprints, one inspired by the boy himself. for now though, i am consoled by the beautiful memories and the words of my favourite poet when he so beautifully says, nothing gold can stay. 

the crafty swanmarket where the pre-loved and handmade come together.

mixing colours. love. it.

the sun came out to play after a week of gloomy skies.

new projects underway.

the beautiful weather calls for a walk in the sunshine with this guy.

last saturday's colourful market finds. (soon to be new projects)

been searching for a beauty just like this so for 1 euro i was sold.

my swanmarket treasure. dutch floral canisters don't get any better than this!

best way to spend a rainy public holiday. reading and snuggling up with my boys.

i'm dating a masterchef and hooray, asparagus is in season!

an afternoon treasure spotting in utrecht.

wardrobe hunting yesterday with the guys.

no trip to ikea is complete without pineapple glasses (and napkins!)

a perfect peony present.


petal and plume said...

wow, your blog is exquisitely wonderful. so happy to have found you!

sky-blu-pink said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. But you must have such lovely memories. Glas you have found some cheerful coloured things to cheer you up a little bit.