June 3, 2013


monday morning is often spent drinking coffee, editing photos and licking the last little bit of hagelslag off my plate to the sounds of laura jansen. it's a bit of me time to sort and plan my print designs i want to get done for the week, a bit of blogging and some time to reflect on the weekend that was. seeing that we didn't get to bed till 4am saturday morning after a fun friday night out, the plans to start early on the assembly of three ikea wardrobes that day soon went out the window. by 1pm we had begun the fun task and it didn't take long before we had three doorless creations standing before us, had sung every beatles tune (twice) and were ready for another feed. not a bad effort for two pajama clad, drill wielding, ikea enthusiasts. sunday saw us starting with an HP sauce infused brekkie and then the completion of three marvellous wardrobes. i was power stricken with drill in hand and chris brown beats only fuelling my enthusiasm. by late afternoon the sunshine was calling us to come outside and play so we grabbed our bikes and went in search of a soft serve. we live in what i believe to be one of the most beautiful parts of the city. we are minutes from a gigantic lake lined with windmills and endless bike paths through lush forest. i often feel like i'm in a beautiful dutch dream where i am enchanted daily. a bike ride that took us past my favourite windmill/bake shop, some of the prettiest houses in town and a quick hello to the local deer and ponies made for a perfect sunday afternoon. the warmer temps call for beers on the balcony, the most delicious tuna salad and a little 'hannibal' watching. so in true summer loving form, that's exactly what we did. happy monday all! 

my local bake shop. 

sweets with my sweet.

perfect day for it.

when can i move in?

love this street artist.

rotterdam and her architecture...a perfect match.

perfect summer blooms. 


moose and bird said...

Happy weekend lovely lady! x

Zara said...

All those lovely scenic bike paths- you lucky things.x