June 6, 2013


hello thursday. i must be getting old because time is flying by way too fast. i'm already talking about plans to spend my 30th this year in paris for goodness sake. i know, sounds tough. muse is providing the perfect thursday afternoon soundtrack, i'm onto my third coffee and i feel a productive evening coming on. the boy flew to prague this morning for a few days so hello staying in my pajamas (no change there then), screenprinting late into the evening, watching the second season of girls in one full whack, sleeping in with a handsome feline by my side and spending an undetermined amount of time in the art shop eyeing off the glitter and extensive paper selection for proposed new projects. it's not like i can't do these things when he's here, but his impending birthday celebrations can be planned in peace and my inner independant woman can let her hair down a little. i am about to start on a new sweet treat design, a little ode to my favourite nyc based delight but thought i'd stop in to share some pics from my latest trip to amsterdam. sometimes i have to slap myself, i'm walking the streets of this beautiful city, which is just over an hour away by train. on tuesday she delighted us with her sunsoaked streets and a muse concert to end a perfect day. i am yet to truly dabble in her vintage offerings but will be heading back with my sister in tow for countless hours of trying on vintage delights and deciding which roll of wallpaper to take home with me. for any of you deliberating where to go on your next adventure...i think these photos will help make up your mind. 

hello sunshine.

the treasure at laura dols isn't cheap but oh my it's amazing.

beers in the sunshine with this guy. 

always a tourist.

my kinda street art.

medieval marvel.

 i found some tins.

loved her.

summer is here!

picture perfect.

i'm a sucker for this colour.

pretty pastels.

i bought some tins.

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