June 8, 2013

the nashville effect.

this might be the name i had in mind for a book for a few of my recipes and peachy photos taken over the past year. if you've followed me on instagram from the start, or near enough...you may have noticed that i've been seeing the world through a nashville filtered iphone. it's not a bad way to see the world, but it appears my photos lately are becoming a little bit cleaner and a little less nashvilley. i'm really loving the simplicity of a white background teamed with the amazing summer evening light that we get here. i started playing around with the vsco app yesterday as i was wanting to make some of my images a little dreamier (is that even possible?!) and i am pleasantly surprised by the simple charm of it. the filter i've favoured is like a subtle smoke screen taking up residence above my photo. cool huh? here's a few examples that double as showing you what i've unearthed/been distracted by/what life as a single lady looks like for the past couple of days. i'm thinking of compiling a few of my images into postcard packs. they'll be in the big cartel store soon if you're keen...along with all the projects i've been wanting to start for the past few weeks like cake flags and more sweet treat screen-prints! happy weekend all!

finally got into and documented my stroopwafel indulging. 

this guy. our love for each other has really blossomed over the past few weeks. i'm no cat lady just yet but he sure knows how to work my heart.

i dropped some of my prints off at the beautiful shop 'elle aime' here in rotterdam. a real treat. 

and walked away with some delicious wrapping paper. lots of birthdays ahead!

this place was looking especially wonderful in the sunshine.

who doesn't need apple shaped pot holders?

a couple of these beauties to pop on the studio wall.

why thank you thrifting gods. i have always loved the acapulco design but left it all in aus. the boy is also a fan so i snapped this one up , no questions asked.

prepping for a handsome fella's birthday next week (and getting completely distracted, yet again, by the beautiful mess app)

i baked a banana bread this afternoon. a different recipe this time that included LOTS of cinnamon and vanilla extract. let's face it, it's pretty much a cake.

wrapping presents. i want this as my job. it'll happen, one day.

the finished product ON the acapulco. meant to be. i love stuff like that.


Zara said...

Yes i'll join you in the gift wrapping as a career. with a bit of floral arrangement, sewing and card making on the side. x

Bungalowgirl said...

I am so loving all your photos and finds from your new home Laura. Makes me want to jump onto a plane with my kidlets and fly over there. mel x

Zoƫ Power said...

I'm a Nashville girl too. But I love the Snapseed app as well - great for brightening things up first. Haven't used vsco in a while - must go and take another look....too many fun ways to procrastinate :)

look see (naomi) said...

I have to tell you - as soon as I saw that filter on vsco it immediately made me think of your photos! These are just lovely x

Gaby said...

i've been loving the new vsco as well :)