June 13, 2013

party cakes.

vanilla & butterscotch. confetti & rolos. balloons & banners. sounds pretty delish, no? this was the menu for the boy's birthday on tuesday. i love baking for my most deserving so it was obvious that a little spoiling was going to happen on that day. the mini butterscotch and vanilla cake was for cutting and wish making on the day, the cupcakes for his friends at work the next. baking and decorating cakes is my happy place. well, one of them anyway. i'm hoping to get a few prints of my delights up in the shop soon and also to work on a little project with my uber talented sister when she comes to stay in just over a week. yay! i'm off to london tomorrow night for a family weekend. cannot wait. first stop though, breakfast and vintage wanderings at spitalfields. i love you london! have a good one my friends. 


Zoƫ Power said...

Wow - everything is so utterly gorgeous and delicious - your cake baking skills are every bit as wonderful as your prints. Looove! You have one lucky man right there :)

sky-blu-pink said...

I love the idea of a Rolo cake, and the little fairy cakes are so sweet! Happy Birthday to your Dutchman, and I hope he had a lovely day.

look see (naomi) said...