June 22, 2013

'ello 'ello.

it was back to britain last weekend for a family fix. my parents were in town from the states and my sister flew over from paris. being the boat people we now are, the boy and i cruised over friday night which got us into london bright and early saturday morning. a much needed feed at the breakfast club in spitalfields with my bestie, boy and sister was the best start to the weekend. hands down it's a new favourite. giant lattes, bacon rolls and cutie pie waitresses. the vibe was super cool without tipping over the hipster meter and the decor kept my eyeballs entertained for the entire 2 and a bit hours we hogged the table. a wander around the old and new spitalfields market was a real delight with retro wares and clothing popping out of super styled stalls and some really unique designers and delicacies showcased before my very lucky eyes. i'd move to london for that weekly fix. we spent saturday afternoon and sunday with my family and it was really lovely. catching up with little cousins, visiting my nan, introducing the boy to my parents (who got along like a house on fire) and chatting about their visit to see us in rotterdam. they arrive here tomorrow night for a few days and i cannot wait to show them my new city. we were booked to return monday night so the boy and i wandered leicester square (for an m&m world fix), covent garden and soho for a dutch lunch. the weather wasn't amazing but hey, it's london, at least she's a reliable old girl. the rain held off so we wandered the mall and said hello to big ben. a short but sweet visit but as you'll probably sense from my previous posts, i'll be back. 

packing the essentials.

view from the train to london. 

cue large latte.

you had me at bacon rolls.

picadilly circus. 

my dutchie in a dutch pub.

hello beautiful.

i may have changed my shoes 3 times this day. 

kit & nancy colours from m&m world.

nelson & co.

favourite. pop boutique.

oh anthropologie. the sale prices and gigantic queue to pay nearly killed me.


hey ben!


Zara said...

How amazing that you can simply travel to other countries, just like that. sure is different to Aus.
Lovely photos my dear. x

Snappystreet said...

Gorgeous photos!

Nothing like some quality family time (and a successful first parent/boy meeting!)