July 29, 2013

official business.

for the past week or so i've been wondering just which country i'm living in. falling asleep with a sweaty forehead and waking up feeling like i've had approximately 19 minutes sleep doesn't scream rotterdam summer to me. this however, is the kind of (mid 30's) weather holland has been braving. i should be leaps ahead and better off braving these temps than anyone i know in holland, but i remember one of the things i WASN'T going to miss about brisbane and that was the humidity. yes, i have a few more freckles and a semi good colour going on here, yes my legs are loving the fresh air being freed from months of tight wearing and yes of course i'm loving the sun hitting the horizon around 10.30pm. to make this weather slightly more bearable, we've been indulging in regular icecream fixes, evening walks around the lake, bbqing behaviour by the river, drinking iced coffee, visiting colourful markets that flourish in the sunshine and enjoying watching the storms roll in from the comfort of our bed. the bright blue skies are keeping me inspired with only a small sidenote of homesickness. i'm partaking in my first wednesday night skate event here in rotterdam this week and am beyond excited. my inner former speedskater is looking forward to sharing this event with you later in the week, hopefully minus any injuries (touch wood). i became an offical resident of rotterdam on friday and in the same morning struck gold at the tweedehands winkel. i'm still on the job hunt but the free time is allowing me to develop some new designs that will be hitting the online shop very soon. the weather looks to be sticking around for the remainder of the week, so i best be off to track down several buckets of ben & jerry's. 

the gorgeous summer colours of the swanmarket.

iced coffee served from a beetle. yes.

a perfect blue beer tankard purchased from the swanmarket.

 a happy little tablecloth for the collection.

we rode to the lovely delfshaven for an icecream and cute house fix.

this was beyond good.

some 50c pillowcases from the local market.

some of the fabric gold i struck last week.

found a couple of these beautifully painted coasters.

the house has been flowerless lately as it's just been too hot but the memory of these beauties lives on.

after dinner walks around the lake, the stuff of fairytales.

i swear i just buy icecream to photograph them.  

our little bbq rockin'it by the river.

the rotterdam cityscape turns to dreamscape with these skies.

very welcomed rainfall. 

snapped up these second-hand beauties for fun skate time.

and pimped them up good.


sky-blu-pink said...

Cool pics! I want to go to Delft again! Spent a lovely sunny day there years ago, and came back with some sweet tiles.

Sophie Isobel said...

Oh lady! So much goodness, I don't even know where to begin. I mean selling iced coffee from a beetle, that's almost too good for words. Thank you for always inspiring me with your adventures.
Soph xxx
PS. Your postcard arrived today! So delicious. Miss you x

Rowdy Fairy said...

I have just found your beautiful blog! I see you are a Brissy girl like myself! I look forward to following your posts and looking at your lovely pictures!