July 17, 2013

simple pleasures.

my life is full of them. thanks to a mama who sees the beauty in so many things and warhol's love for the everyday object, i am constantly inspired. sometimes a big call, but i am never bored. scared maybe, of taking the leap and starting something new but usually because i'm nervous about which of the 92784301 projects i should crack on with first. so i snap away and fill my instagram feed with a smorgsboard of pretty things. i'm back on the pinterest bandwagon but so enjoy the networking capabilities of IG. i have 3 or so blogposts i want to write to share my latest adventures around this beautiful country. it'll be no surprise to you that i am still utterly smitten. i am eagerly awaiting feedback from a resume sending spree, i am motivated and am ready to take on a new job. a week of homesickness had me feeling overwhelmed and unenthused. amazing what a day wandering a sunny city or an afternoon of brownie baking can do.

smooshing that brownie batter. simple pleasure #1.

photographing baked treats. simple pleasure #2.

finding out that your local asian supermarket stocks PG tips. a great cuppa is simple pleasure #3.

using my long sought after anthropologie bowls. simple pleasure #4.
admiring the amazing homemade fudge at urban bakery. simple pleasure #5.

peonies in retired gherkin jars. simple pleasure #6.

taping paint palettes to my studio wall. simple pleasure #7.

this dahlia painting being my favourite market find to date. simple pleasure #8.

having the time of my life listening to this 1 euro (!!!) gem.  simple pleasure #9.

admiring our pastoe coffee table. simple pleasure #10.

homemade burger night. simple pleasure #11.


Zoƫ Power said...

Simple pleasures are the best! And you have such an eye for beauty all around you. Good luck with the job applications xx

Snappystreet said...

I just adore looking at the little things in life that bring joy!

that burger, oh how very delicious!

ButterandBuntings said...

What a lovely, inspiring list of pleasures. Its always the simple things that make all the difference! For me today, it was taking homemade bread out the oven and covering my sewing table in vintage paper! x