August 25, 2013


when i was younger, 30 seemed pretty old. now that i'm only two weeks shy of arriving there, it feels just like it did when i turned 20 (it helps when you have my baby face appearance), but with the wisdom/mistakes/lessons/stories/memories of my 20's attached. A LOT has happened over the past 30 years and i am truly blessed to be living the life i have. if there's one thing that hasn't changed though, it would be my instinctive drive to follow my heart. my parents are responsible for this life lesson and have always supported me, so this makes them two of the best people in the world. as they begin to organize their move back to europe where the majority of my family is, i eagerly await sharing this new chapter with them. for me family is everything, nothing compares. in my reflective state*, i am also truly blessed to be in the presence of the most delicious man, who has become my confidant/lover/partner in crime/best friend over such a short amount of time. i knew from the moment that i met him that he was going to change my life in a brilliant way, with the past 6 months being a testament to trusting my heart. i have never experienced a love like this and it blows my mind everyday. i look forward to many more adventures with him and for this very reason, believe my 30's will be my best decade yet. i plan to bake a small cake, enjoy a dinner with my love and then shortly after head to paris to spend some much needed time with my sister. my heart is full with excitement and anticipation for what the next year will bring. see you soon 30! x


* sorry for the love-fest, turning 30 has apparently made me 829403 times more sentimental.


Wouter said...


Rowdy Fairy said...

Lovely post and Happy Birthday! It is great to see that you are so happy and confident with your life and in yourself:)

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Laura C said...

As someone who is also rapidly approaching the big 3-0 I can honestly say, I am actually looking forward to this milestone more then I have any other... besides 16. Man, I wanted to be 16 so badly when.. Well when I wasn't 16.
I hope you have a beautiful birthday with your love and your small cake...

And then PARIS! (for an Aussie this just seems too good to be true.. So far away)

- Laura

Linda said...

It's and emotional time!

look see (naomi) said...

Happy birthday! 30's are fabulous - I'm sure yours will be just grand! x