August 18, 2013


the weekend started off super sweet with a pink ombre cake order for a talented lady. the boy and i decided to roll with or rather ride to a gorgeous little bakery for our long awaited cronut fix. if you're not already familiar with the cronut craze then please, get on this delicious bandwagon and hunt one down immediately (if not sooner) as the photos speak for themselves. as the afternoon rolled around we made our way to the north to sample the many offerings of the northern flavour festival, which included the ever popular instawalk. we joined the talented bunch for a wander around the street art adorned/vintage shop filled/cute boutique laden, design loving streets of the noord. we got backstage passes into an amazing old heineken brewery with roof top views all whilst i networked my IG adoring butt off. although an area i've visited many times over the past few months, the company, creative offerings and contacts made yesterday another experience that makes me realize why i live here.

naked cake.

dressed cake.

i could barely contain my excitement.

2 seconds after this photo was taken it was in my belly.

instawalking the north.

kopje thee anyone?

can i interest you in a cake?

one of my favourite places to ferret.

this guy always makes it more fun.

this girl loves her new city.

cutie pie cupcake stand.

love this guy.

roffa from the roof tops.

paste love at & designshop. 


Eva C. said...

Oh god, ik ben verlieeefd op uw schoenen!

Tania Condren said...

Luv the cake! :)

Rowdy Fairy