August 12, 2013

sweet hearts.

i've been a busy little baking bee lately. the weather has cooled to temps in the early 20's which for me equals perfect baking weather. some old favourite recipes were dusted off, ingredients hunted down (which meant a visit to my favourite windmill) and an armful of gorgeous cake tins were added to the collection. a chance visit to my local second hand shop resulted in a vintage bundt tin find for a mere 3 euros which helped produce one of my favourite looking cakes to date! (see banana cake below). i am excited about trying some new recipes (enter bill granger) and experimenting with new icing techniques. the universe has really delivered over the last week and i have been busy chatting to a local cafe and doing some freelance for a favourite magazine. i have never doubted my need to be in rotterdam but was searching for a little creative drive that could help fund my new life and refuel my independence. i look forward to sharing some delectable delights with you as i go. happy monday all! 

banana cake with lemon/cinnamon icing.

cinnamon donut muffins. oh yes.

made with love.

red velvets aka crowd pleaser.

couldn't resist.

this blondie has changed lives.


chewy chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies...get in my belly.

party cake!


Megan McKean said...

You go, girlfriend! Your life seems to get dreamier by the day! I'm sure it's also a lot of stress and hardwork, but it's so great to see you kicking goals and achieving wonderful things. :))

Bungalowgirl said...

Your cakes and your photos are pure delight Laura. Love the pom pom cake, your inner Briswegian must have remembered it's EKKA week back home. mel x

Rowdy Fairy said...

what stunning food pics! :)

Rowdy Fairy

Eva C. said...

Hej, dit blogbericht is gemaakt op mijn verjaardag! Had ik maar zo'n taart gekregen ;)

Bake on Sunday said...

They are all so pretty xx

Zara said...

ohh book worthy photos lovely lady, or maybe prints for the wall.