February 23, 2014

london baby!

i spent 10 years of my life growing up in the UK and so going back always feels like i'm heading home. after the boy and i were able to snag super cheap tickets, we pencilled in a weekend staying with family, wrote a little to-do/go/see/buy list and in early february, headed to london. i'm so glad that the boy loves it as much as me and equally loves wandering her many cobbled streets, vintage markets and snapping photos along the way. we hit some familiar spots and decided it was about time i visited portobello road and greenwich (both which i now love). i reveled in the pastel beauties along portobello, snapping up some vintage letterpress finds and filling my instagram feed with an array of pretty shades. covent garden delivered with my first cathrineholm find and some much needed time spent with orla. we caught up with a favourite in greenwich after enjoying the dlr's rollercoaster-like journey into the architecture heaven that is canary wharf. i ate the best sunday lunch (complete with yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, british beef and gravy) in a takeaway plastic tub and indulged in the best cinnamon scroll i have ever had the pleasure of eating from one of greenwich's cutest bakery stands. we spent time with my family, enjoyed the unpredicted sunshine and left with heads full of inspiration. oh london, how we love you so.

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Bungalowgirl said...

I love these snippets of sunny London Laura! You notice all the little bits of colour and pattern that my eye is also drawn to. We are in Daylesford right now, I shall match your squirrel with a wallaby! Mel x