February 5, 2014


again, i've let far too much time pass in-between posts. maybe it's because my job demands i spend 8 hours behind a computer screen, which was completely foreign to me until a few months ago. it really does affect the relationship i have with getting behind a keyboard and letting my own thoughts drive the topic of conversation. it has taken a sick day, a day of renewing my energy for our forthcoming trip to london with a rooibos tea in hand and london grammar playing gently in the background to get me blogging again. the sun is shining and winter has never been more beautiful. the boy and i have been out and about lately with afternoons spent wandering our favourite galleries, treasure-hunting, watching our favourite dutch band and nights spent snuggled on the couch finishing the last season of breaking bad. the new season of girls awaits me patiently on my usb, hearty soups are fast becoming my favourite dinner choice and the long weekend sleep-ins are making winter bearable. we booked our tickets to australia for september for a whole month of fun times, reunions and the wedding of the year. until then a few weekend trips to london, paris and gent will keep us busy. last but not least, march 1st marks my 1 year anniversary in holland. boy, how time flies when you're having fun. 

we finally framed the fabulous foursome from the beloved white album.

market treasure. 

these colours.

a happy find for our kitchen.

hyacinth providing the sweetest scent to our home.

saturday's 2 euro find. 

our local market treasure.

been spending nights in the studio finishing a batch of these beauties.

my arty partner in crime.

marimekko. blew my heart out.

wandering in heaven.

toucans & strawberries. perfection. 

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Reanna Clark said...

All those vintage prints are to die for! Hope you get back into your blogging swing soon :)