January 19, 2014


as i put the finishing touches to a small collection of eames screen-prints, i am also juggling the fun job of editing photos of my latest treasures. you could almost call it a part-time obsession, this treasure hunting business. it's up there with my passion for making art & baking cakes and it definitely takes me to my happy place. one of the main reasons i started writing a blog was to share my latest creations together with my thrifted treasure. sharing the second hand love is a beautiful thing and why i decided to take some time out on this productive sunday night to share my latest finds with you. found anything uber delicious this weekend that i ought to know about? have a good week!

one of the perks of living so close to germany. this beautiful and bright west german vase is now the centre of attention in our lounge room. a wooden pineapple plate that's a little slice of home, now rests by my bed side.

snagged a couple of floral tablecloths at the local market yesterday. flower power baby.

picked up this beauty from a gorgeous belgian couple at the last swanmarket. they had a caravan full of treasure and reminded me that the belgians really know their vintage.

a round floral tablecloth that will soon adorn our new tulip table. 

it was a lucky stop at a new opshop a few weekends back. i filled my bike basket with these enamel/tin beauties for a bargain price.

pattern LOVE. who knows what i'll make out of this but for now i'm happy to just adore it. 

an unmarked treasure that i just couldn't leave behind. had nothing to do with the 50c price tag. ;)

oh vintage floral. you will always have a huge piece of my heart dedicated to only you.

a retro photo album containing photos of a 1975 fleamarket. talk about perfection.

there are no words. but a #coasterperfection hashtag makes sense.

i foresee a valentine's day photoshoot. <3 nbsp="" p="">


sky-blu-pink said...

Lovely things! Nothing like vintage to get the little heart beating!

Reanna Clark said...

Oh I love thrifting as well! All those fabrics are absolutely beautiful, I love vintage floral patterns. And that orange kettle is pretty sweet too!

Zara said...

It's always lovely seeing your latest thrifted goodies Laura.

Zoƫ Power said...

Amazing finds - so much happiness! I especially love those coasters and all that delicious fabric :) I've finally cut into some of my vintage fabrics and started making some cushion covers - so lovely to have them out on display to be enjoyed :)

Bungalowgirl said...

OMG I so miss your posts, I think I had withdrawals in fact! There is just too much to love, that tablecloth for a start, not to mention those coasters (squeal) and finally a west german that is not brown, brown brown (why I have not fallen madly and passionately in love with WG pottery is the lack of colour) but this one is just gorgeous. I found my own WG's recently, plastic red floral cups and saucers, you will love I think. As soon as the kidlets trundle off to school I will have time to share. mel x