July 20, 2014

girl gone international.

moving across the world and starting a new life is not foreign to me. i've been lucky enough to spend an equal amount of time (10 years) in both australia and the UK before i was 20. i've spent valuable time with both sides of my family and been immersed in different cultures and histories. i'm thankful for my international experiences earlier on in life and also the international relationship that my parents have shared for 37 years. so when my sister and i both met european men in the summer of 2012, it wasn't a shock for my nearest and dearest as it seemed we were just following suit. after a few months back in our homeland we had both decided to pack up our lives in australia and board flights (a few weeks apart) to begin a new journey across the world. this experience has not only brought us closer but given us the inspiration to follow our hearts and our dreams. when dale, the assistant editor of girl gone international and dear friend of my sister asked us to take part in an interview about living and loving abroad...i was truly humbled. this journey has felt like second nature to me, so it often feels a little too 'notebook' when i do have the chance to share it. but hey, bring on the gosling love story i say!


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