August 17, 2014

cactus, quinoa & crackles.

i can't say the past few weeks have been uneventful with a blog title like this. we've been busy booking our internal aussie flights, adding accessories to the wedding (not ours) outfits (which resulted in the beginning of a beautiful lotta from stockholm love affair), filling every available thrifted teacup with a cactus, eating A LOT of quinoa with market bought veges, staying off the dairy train and enjoying my move to soy, staying as active as possible by riding my bike everyday and feeling all the better for it. i've also been teaching my cat how to sit (the second phase of him becoming more dog), continuing to fill our house with fresh blooms (even finding eucalyptus at my local bloemist!!), spent sundays roadtripping to brielle and biking our neighbourhood photographing the sweetest of houses. the idea of making chocolate crackles randomly became a late night obsession (after a conversation about childhood treats) so my pro-active boy began the hunt for a copha equivalent. it wasn't even 24 hours after that he'd sourced a coconut oil substitute. i whipped them up after dinner (it took me approx 7.5 minutes) and we've been indulging in their spoils (and reliving my childhood) ever since. i hosted a small teaparty (i've so missed hosting them) with a favourite dutchie so that i could share the crackle love. it's fair enough to say that this pre-school treat has safely secured itself a place in the sweet offerings that we will sell from our future food truck venture. just be sure to ask for a cracklin' rosie. 

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Zara said...

Good old chocolate crackles. I haven't had them in sooo long. Good thinking with the coconut oil. I guess they'd be sort of healthy even.