August 18, 2014

latest finds.

i'm pretty excited about my latest finds. apart from a little splurge on the aussie map (i'm an expat, it's a given), i've managed to pick up this lot for less that 5 euros a piece over the past few weeks. i'm lucky enough to have a lovely market stall lady who knows me to a T and therefore spoils me each time i visit with euro bargains. in the near future i hope to be sharing some of my wares with you at a local market stall of my own. keep your pocket money and your tastebuds (of course there will be cake too) at the ready. happy hunting. 

picked up at a local swanmarket and saved from a demolished primary school.

a cute little pineapple (not sure what his purpose is?!) and a west germany mug.

another west germany vase for the collection and a beautifully embroidered cushion for a euro.

cushion detail.

more west german finds and a little tv treat for the boy.

this guy has to be one of my favourites.

70's holkham manor pottery.

my first sadler teapot, west german pottery, a floral water jug, vintage floral pillowcase and original 70's lino print.

an awesome 60's newspaper pull out.

i dreamt i found some great drinking glasses and was rewarded. snagged some more west german goodness (for the boy), an aussie souvenir teaspoon, pillowcase and vintage tablecloths.

pastel parrot goodness.

gold sadler delight..


Bake on Sunday said...

such great finds ....jealous !!!!

Zara said...

Ohh the Aussie map, what a find. I bet it takes pride of place on your wall.