July 6, 2014

memory making.

two weekends ago the boy and i boated our way across the north sea to fair ol' england. it has been a few months since we graced her fair shores and even longer since i was reunited with my parents. my family made their way to my aunty and uncle's home where we celebrated my grandmother's 89th birthday. it's no surprise that Kit is one of my favourite muses and continues to inspire me with her strength, sweet tooth and cheeky charm everyday. as dementia cruelly takes over, these gatherings and the quiet moments had with her over a cuppa, are memories i will treasure far beyond both our lives. i am reminded everytime we meet that distance is no match for the love i have for my family. london, your memories, weather and sights were wonderful as always. see you again soon! 

south bank wanderings in the sunshine.

THE most amazing scotch eggs i have ever laid eyes on/devoured in all my time.

donut deliberations at spitalfields.

brick lane colours.

two of my favourite things.

cutting the cake.

summer time in the city.

spitalfields colour splash.

on the dinosaur hunt.

pattern hunt.

breakfast clubbing.

market wandering.

sweet as cherry pie/fab ice lollies.

fabric delights.

souvenir scouting.

playing favourites.


look see. by naomi fenton said...

Love these snippets of London - makes me miss it! :)

sky-blu-pink said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time here in London. Love your pics of our fair city!