May 20, 2012

so GC.

i'd been looking forward to this weekend alllllll week long and maaaaaaan did it not disappoint. i packed the car with some of kate's goodies that she'd left here pre-travels and used the task of taking it down to the storage unit as an excuse to pay a visit to some of my favourite coastal oppies. it was the most beautiful clear skied morning so i picked up my youngest sister/partner in crime and we hit the road to the sounds of some old skool rnb. first stop was one of my old haunts that my bestie and i used to visit inbetween uni classes and sometimes instead of. it's a giant warehouse of pre-loved goodness so you're always bound to leave with a treasure or twelve. within approximately 3.5 minutes i had johnson, retro plastics and a villeroy and boch stunner in my basket. a whopping total of $5 was handed over and off we went to opshop numero deux. now this oppy holds a precious place in my heart as again, it was a local favourite of mine and my bestie's and also the daily stop off after work when i used to zoom around the coast in my 1975 volkswagen kombi. that's right, you heard me...opshopping and kombi in the same sentence, dreamy, no? the ladies are always having tea and cake out the back and the men put out front to handle sales are always so charming. i just love going in there for a trip down memory lane so when my ferreting neck deep in the fabric tower resulted in me pulling out a bundle or two of vintage floral linen, it was icing on my oppy cake. it wasn't even midday and i'd found johnson and vintage floral. you'd think i'd be done, but not just yet. staying on the sentimental note, i can never pass up a fossick through the little rspca oppy just around the corner. my beautiful family dog is an rspca gem so i never hesitate to swap dollars for pre-loved goodness in their stores. bessemer, pyrex and a floral apron were on their menu for me. this treasure hunting game soon became hungry business so it was only appropriate that a stop off at my favourite coast cafe was next on the agenda. my trusty partner in crime and i were treated to the most amazing sandwich of all time, delicious coffee and a caramel slice to share. my instagram feed was treated to some of the best eye candy around in the short time we spent there. it was finally time to honour the very reason that instigated the coast trip and so we cruised down to kennards and packed away our family treasures. an oppy i hadn't visited in a little over a year came to mind soon after so we hauled ass to sneak in a short 20 minutes of treasure hunting before closing time. boy am i glad we bothered. i was rewarded with the johnson motherload and could no longer contain my excitement. the shop ladies laughed as amy documented the whole discovery process. i was beside myself. taking the heavy load to the counter was empowering until i proclaimed my surprise at the well priced treats to the slightly dazed saleswoman who responded with, 'well, it's hardly fine china.' it may not be fine china lady but it's priceless in my eyes (and a million others it seems!) i kept this expression of disbelief to myself, of course. nevertheless, it's pre-loved status changed to much-loved in a heartbeat and my following post (full of treats galore) will cement just that. some europe clothes shopping and dinner at my favourite sushi hangout was the perfect end to a glorious day spent on the coast. the gc gets a mixed reception up here in brissie but the amazing oppies, trips down memory lane, perfect lattes with a side of vintage wallpaper and smiley mayo faces on sushi always ensure a piece of my heart stays down there.

all systems and skies were go.

the drawer lining of a marvellous bit of oppy furniture eyeballed at stop one.

THIS occurred at stop two.

stop, ummm, i've lost count...resulted in this behaviour.

perfect decor in my idea of cafe heaven.

the perfect lunch.

my cutie pie sister.

latte face, do not disturb.

sushi finishes an ace day.


melynda said...

love this! such great finds :)

melynda x

Trudie said...

Oh what splendidness. The weather on the GC has been sensational, a perfect backdrop to gorgeous days opping. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

Bungalowgirl said...

Love it all.The commentary, the pics, the hint of the treats to come and especially the action ferreting shot! melx

Trudy Florence said...

Love the way you write, I can just hear you in my head as I read it! Love your latte face!!

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