May 20, 2012


a budget was set and promptly kept to. surprised? i still am. it's time to share some of the treasures that the coast unearthed for me yesterday. one or two of them will be gifts, perhaps a couple for sale and then the rest, the johnson, are mine to love. i was reminded just how happy these pre-loved goodies make me whilst neck deep in floral fabrics and up to my eyeballs in retro crockery. thank you to the grandmas whose life long collections are now treasured by a very grateful, freckle faced, rainbow cake baking young lady (me, if you were wondering.) sharing the love over at sophie's too. get on it gorgeous people.

pretty pansies.

there was squealing involved.

high pitched screaming ensued when discovering this gorgeous johnson family.

my new florals.

more mismatched j-love.

a set of quaint english metal placemats. perfect.

just when you thought the j-love had ended....

the quirkiest johnson piece i've discovered. cheese and wine night anyone?

westminster love.

pretty turquoise pyrex, enough said.

another apron for the collection? hell yeah!

a beautiful bessemer platter.

a villeroy & boch beauty. i literally bowed to this one.

this still makes me smile. the perfect little tea and cake platter. 50c? you bet.


Marty said...

You always find the prettiest things! My faves are the Bessemer platter and the cake platter. Those little hearts!

Cassandra said...

Treasure indeed! Love those sheets! I'm finding it hard to come across vintage sheets lately... hoping my luck will change soon!

one denim bird said...

Absolutely gorgeous finds! Can I come op shopping with you?????
I can image the squeals of delight x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

So many gorgeous pieces but the pansies are my favourite! They remind me of my Nanna. xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous finds! Florals and Johnson. What more could a lady want!?

Rachel said...

WOW!!! Oodles of Johnson & vintage crockery are like my dream opshopping trip. I'm still awaiting my first Johnson find: I'll get there one day!) Such gorgeous other finds too xx

sue said...

I am not even going to try and pick a favourite - but I think the spout on that teapot is fantastic - I bet it pours beautifully. Good job sticking to your budget!

Bungalowgirl said...

The sheets! The pyrex! and that TRAY- my goodness- if that is every going to leave your house, please can I have first dibs to supplement your travel fund! What a splendid little bounty- bet you are still grinning now! melx

tourist in my town said...

such fantastic beautiful floral finds. i'm impressed! am i think the little tea tray is just so darling too.

Louise said...

Oh, wow!

Trudy Florence said...

Love those blue florals, they are so pretty and bright. Wish I could op with you my lovely lady! xx