May 6, 2012


it was quite possibly the comfiest morning i have ever woken up to in bed. i just love how i can open a blog post with that kind of statement, but you know what i'm talking about. that stuff is important to a woman...especially when it's sunday, there's a chill in the air and you're surrounded by vintage floral. bliss. i had to haul my arse outta there though pretty quick smart to make a brunch date with my baby sister at my favourite brekkie spot. it wasn't long before i was inhaling the perfect marriage that is avocado and haloumi on a bed of organic sourdough. a beautifully crafted latte in an equally delectable mug, the company of my sister and a backdrop of vintage dresses and retro vogue livings meant i was in sunday morning heaven. well worth leaving the comfort of my slumber for. it was also the perfect day for a rummage and knowing my girls mel, kel and kim were going to be making an appearance, it wasn't long before amy and i were city bound. there is nothing quite like a sunny rummaging sunday and today did not disappoint. a quick scoot around eyeballing stalls for signs of floral and johnson and it wasn't long before i was rewarded. a lovely stall - 'my nana's joy' selling johnson and vintage pillowcases soon had my undivided attention. her stall was beautifully crafted and as pretty as a picture (see below.) she was having a destash and i was more than happy to pick up her $2 johnson bargains. a beautifully adorned stall stocked full of handmade aprons by a lovely mother in anticipation for mother's day stole my heart, so a vintage barkcloth beauty was soon mine to keep. the gorgeous mel found me hovering over my johnson purchases and i hadn't had time to officially hello her before she was handing over a johnson find to me. the woman is an absolute diamond. we wandered over to kellie's stall who we hadn't seen about town for a while, admiring her little golden books, retro clothes and tapestries all the while. my sister in the mean time was a complete gem, holding my bag of treats, photographing me getting undressed in public (and finding a fabulous vintage skirt as a result!) and not one complaint...more importantly never once questioning a purchase (love you!) as i've mentioned before, the social aspect of rummage is amazing and i always come away inspired by those i've chatted with throughout the day. being a visitor and able to wander the stalls freely is also a treat and something i will definately try and make a monthly occurrence. even though quite well behaved, my bank balance still cringes at the thought of me heading to rummage...but as reminded of this afternoon, the friends, treats and company i shared today makes, for me, the whole event truly priceless.

a welcome sight at apples.

my kinda cawfee.

match made in heaven.

pretty as a picture.

the gorgeous kellie.

johnson and staffordshire love.

i don't even eat cheese all that much but that handle and for $3? i think i will.

the fabric haul.

bird detail.

the delicious barkcloth beauty.

vintage skirt to be worn in paris and copenhagen.

turquoise pillowcase love.

my cute partner in crime.


sky-blu-pink said...

What an absolutely fabulous haul! Just found you from Her Library Adventures - will follow you as this is definitely my kind of blog!! What a great way to spend a Sunday, hunting for treasure with your besties!

Pam said...

Very jealous of your fabric haul, especially the rose barkcloth. It is divine. xx

bridget anne said...

what an amazing host of treasures. you've really got a knack darling. i can't get over that pillow! it's beyond swoonworthy. you give thriftaholics a good name. and i completely understand your first line. waking up comfy is the kind of perfect experience for which few words can's best to just come out & say it like it is. xo.

Hello Vintage said...

I am loving those fabrics. How cute is that stall set up!

Cara-Mia said...

You always find such beautiful prints! I'm in love with the turquoise pillow cases, I'd love to find something like that.

By the way, you really have a way with words, dear. This is all so perfect.

REread said...

Sweet photos ... love that cheese slicer, love cheese even more.

Zara said...

Ohh the orange and brown square Johnson design, never seen that one before. I found a new-to-me Johnson design here today.
And all those lovely fabrics. I think the birdy tea towel would be perfect as a cushion. x

Anonymous said...

love, love, love, and... ummm... LOVE!!! xx

Marty said...

I always enjoy stopping by your blog, that is the honest truth! Your photographs are dreamy, and your taste in vintage is wonderful--you find the most beautiful things (I'll never forget that pyrex dish!)

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

melania said...

Naw, such a sweet post. Was so glad I got myself there, beautiful day, excellent people and some treasures too. Getting myself geared up to share with Lucy at the next one.

Mel xx