May 5, 2012

saturday wanderings.

what a beautiful sunny saturday! my market date with two of my favourite ladies was the bright start to my much awaited weekend. pork dumplings, lattes to go, pastel macarons, fresh banana bread and gorgeous company was the perfect fix. afternoon tea at the pattern palace meant the champagne praline tea was brewed, macarons were devoured and many, many bubba snuggles were had. i so enjoy watching this lady grow before my eyes, and i am in constant awe of her beautiful mama. holding little lady for 5 minutes makes my muscles sore and my funny faces don't always help ease her tears. watching her mama work her magic and share bucketfuls of love so effortlessly is an education i one day can only hope to experience, but until then i have a total pro to learn from. a mother's love is something that cannot be contained or measured, but from what i saw today, i was reminded how wholeheartedly i treasure it. a blissful saturday, i sure hope yours was too.

the afternoon tea spread.

we snuggle a lot.

little legs at the market.

coffee from a kombi at the markets. oh the love.

she is one hot mama.

blue skies.

she sleeps. x


creative kate said...

Hi there,
What a great Saturday post! such a cute baby too! thanks for sharing.
Kate :)

Bungalowgirl said...

Gorgeous baby and tea party. Better watch out or Liongirl might just invite herself over! (she is obsessed with babies too) melx

bridget anne said...

i was so looking forward to going to a huge flea market today but had to stay home with strep : / it's bumming me out big time. looks like you're having a good weekend though! lovely shots. xo.

melynda said...

lovely saturday :) x